Juju offers a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects, not due to improper operation of the product.This warranty begins from the date of purchase and is valid for the original purchasing individual.Please retain your proof of purchase (sales receipt). 

The warranty does not refer to normal wear and tear or failure to maintain the product as advised in the user instructions. Accidental or willful damage – breaking, tearing or scratching the components of this product – is not covered by warranty. Please check  the integrity of the components when purchasing.

The warranty will be granted only on presentation of the guarantee certificate and proof of purchase (invoice or tax receipt). Repairing will be made only by the manufacturer and is free during the warranty period, being made within 15 calendar days from the complain date. If the repairs require the use of parts or components that are not in the stock, the manufacturer reserves the right to exceed the time limit, in order to buy the best accessories and addressing damage in the best conditions.

During post-warranty period, the product repair will be surcharge and subject to availability of spare parts.

This warranty provides: free repair or replacement of the product when it can not be repaired;  where appropriate refund of the value of the product when it can not be repaired or replaced.

The warranty becomes void if found improper use of the purchased product. By the offered warranty the consumer rights conferred by EU Directive 1999/44/EC are not affected.