Our story

JUJU is a European brand that we, Anda and Dragos, two enthusiastic parents, have created for children and parents who share the same spirit and the same values as ours. It’s complicated to be a modern parent, every day means new challenges, stress, uncertainties and… a lot of joy. JUJU helps you create as many happy moments as possible with your family, on the move or at home, using safe and comfortable baby products. Give your little one the perfect environment in which to explore the world! A comfortable child is a happy child, and a happy child = a happy parent.

JUJU was created shortly after the birth of our first little girl and she became the muse and the source of inspiration for our brand. Thus, JUJU was a natural consequence of the needs we faced when a baby came into our family: we experienced the situations that we all of us go through. And, naturally, we wanted safety, comfort, and quality for our child, also looking for a fair price, affordable for a young family. But it’s been very difficult to find, among the full range of international brands, products that met all these characteristics. And that are also beautifully crafted. So we got the idea to create a new brand to fit all these requirements. As the saying goes, “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”.

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Therefore, we noted everything we (and other parents) experienced, we used our creativity, and we added a bit of love to create JUJU. Our philosophy is “A useful, cheerful, and affordable brand, for a more beautiful life for both children and parents, having as main values the safety, comfort, friendly design and a fair price“.

In 2010, we started with our first products, the car seats. Why car seats? Because the car seat is an indispensable safety accessory, it is complex and it’s more difficult to choose than other products. So we wanted to offer parents a range of products that allow them to make the right choice and make it easier. The first models of JUJU car seats were: Kid Box, Remi, Remi Plus, Racing Kid, Star Comfort, models for which we received a positive feedback since the launch. In the following years, we increased and diversified the range of products, thanks to the success that they’ve had with the clients.

Today, the JUJU products are bought every year by thousands of parents from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom, because we’ve kept our word: JUJU continues to be accessible, cheerful, safe, and loyal to its mission to permanently find the most suitable and innovative products for your baby or your child, so he/she grows in the comfort and safety that he/she needs.