Mission, Vision and Values


Juju’s mission is to always seek and find the best and most innovative products for your baby/child, so that he/she grows up in the safety and comfort that he/she needs.


To offer to as many children and parents a more beautiful, happy and cheerful life, without breaking the bank for that.


  • Safety and comfort
    All Juju products are tested and certified according to EU safety standards and are EN certified. We choose our materials carefully: they are as durable as possible and the products are comfortable to use, both for children and for parents.
  • Cheerfulness
    Juju wants to help parents feel the joy of a new family member all through the first years of the child’s life. We do this by creating bright and colorful products, which will please both the young members of the family and the older ones. 
  • Accessibility
    The affordable price of all Juju products is the result of our team’s effort to have an efficient purchasing strategy, a good cost optimization, and an intelligent choice of product features.