I don’t know how to assemble the product. What do I do?
Carefully read the user manual you received in the box, with your product. If you’re still puzzled, please contact us at office@jujubaby.eu.
How long is the warranty for your products?
Juju offers a warranty of 2 years from the purchasing date. For more information, please check the Waranty section.
I received a product which has a physical defect. What do I do?
If you receive such a product, you must contact the distributor that you bought it from. All defective products must be replaced by the distributors.
Are these products safe for my baby?
All Juju products are tested, certified and approved according to EU regulations. For more information, please visit the Certifications section.
What type of child car seat do you recommend for a 1 year old child?
For a 1 year old, we reccomend the safety seats from Groups 0+1 or 0+1+2, because they have a sleep position and are more comfortable than the Groups 1+2+3 safety seats.
Can I place international orders on this website?
Right now, Juju delivers internationally only through it’s partners. Please find a local Juju distributor or partner that can deliver to your country. Juju is now available in Romania, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, The United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France, only through local resellers.