“I didn’t expect it to be so useful and beautiful, even my 6-month old girl loves it to bits. I’d highly recommend it to other parents. It’s so easy to move around and the colour is amazing. My little girl looks quite elegant in it.”

Monica Chirita 16/10/2017

“It’s very, very cool and light, because of the aluminium frame. It’s easy to manoeuvre. The basket is very roomy, you can fit the dog in it too J, beside a shopping bag or a small purse. The seat belts are a little long, even for my little boy, who’s not exactly skinny, but we fixed the problem with a lamb skin cover, made especially for strollers.”  

Alina Cristea Banea 16/10/2017

“It’s an excellent product, just as good as any other playpen, it’s got lovely colours and the opening on the side is very useful. My little boy loves it and he sits in it on his own, playing quietly and safely with his toys. I’d also sincerely recommend it because, when closed, it doesn’t take a lot of space and it’s easy to take on trips.”

Giovanna L. 16/10/2017

“We bought the Juju stroller because we liked its look, because it’s very easy to fold and it fits in the trunk, and especially for its reversible handle. We made a great choice, great value for money. We’d highly recommend it!”

Cosmin Rasvan 16/10/2017

“It’s very useful, it’s easy to fasten in the car, easy to manoeuvre and our little girl feels great during travel! I’d recommend it!”

Emy 16/10/2017

“The Juju travel cot is exactly what we expected, for a travel cot we use occasionally, when travelling. It’s easy to fold/unfold and it’s very compact. The mattress isn’t very thick, but the baby sleeps great on it considering we don’t use it every day. The changing table is extremely useful and you can attach and remove it so easily. So are the toys that you can adjust according to height, so the little one can use them from the bed or from the changing table. It’s easy to move around in the house. We’re very happy with our choice. We recommend it!”

Ruxandra Coros 16/10/2017

“I’m very happy with it, great value for money.”

Adrian 16/10/2017

“I’d recommend it. My little girl loves to use it.”

Ioana Marica 16/10/2017

“It’s a good product, bigger than other similar playpens, which is very important for us: we’ve got twins! It’s very colourful, the closing and opening mechanism is a solid one and the mattress is OK. Our little ones love to scratch the transparent sides, but – luckily – they seem to be extremely strong! The Discovery playpen is extremely well built, it has beautiful colours and a side door that can be opened. At this price, I don’t think you can as for more.”

Amazon client 21/07/2017

“We had doubts about its quality, because, compared to other similarly priced cribs, it also had the change table, the zipper side door (through which the baby can wander outside alone), you can install the mattress at a medium level inside (using rigid bars, not just hinges) and it also has toys! But it was a bargain, and the quality is excellent!! It doesn’t smell of plastic or anything unpleasant (although I was afraid of that), it’s easy (but robust), the wheels do not scratch the surfaces and I opened it and closed it without any problems! It’s perfect to take on holiday and it can be used as a bed, if you put another sweep underneath. My little girl likes it so much that she can come out alone on the zipper door. In short, I recommend it!!”

Viviana S. 21/07/2017

“We like the chair very much, it’s easily fitted, beautiful, and comfortable, we’ve been on long trips with it and it’s practical. It’s pretty big, but I think that’s a plus, because the child can sit in it in different positions (with two seats in the back, there’s no more room for another person in the back seat, between them, you can’t really fit, even if your car isn’t a compact or a small one).”

Kofity Zoltan 21/07/2017

“I’d recommend it. It’s light and practical.”

Bogdan Moisa 21/07/2017

“It’s a very comfortable chair for our little one, she sits comfortably in it and it’s great that you can recline it back when the baby goes to sleep, I’D HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!”

Mihai Munteanu 21/07/2017

“I’m extremely happy with the fact that I bought it. It’s made of light and durable plastic and it’s versatile. I was pleasantly surprised that it has an incorporated foot rest. I didn’t give it 5 stars because the back cover is rather thin. Other than that, it’s excellent!”

Alfonso 21/07/2017

“The cover comes off, so it can be washed, it’s solid and it does the job. And the cover is rather cute.”

Claudiu Barbieru 21/07/2017

“I’ve got two car seats, they’re very good and comfortable. I would recommend them!”

Ana Sacara 21/07/2017

“We’re very happy with this crib, it’s easy to manoeuvre, the mattress is OK and the little one sleeps very well.”

Andreea 21/07/2017

“Ideal to use at home and for travelling with it or going to the restaurant etc. It’s easy to carry and install.”

Claudia Lucaciu 21/07/2017

“My 9-month-old little one just loves it! I didn’t expect her to sit in it so easily, she was simply terrified of the car seat shell. It seems very comfortable and she has enough room to play in it, while the car is on the move. The sleeping position is almost perfectly «horizontal». The fabric is easily cleaned and maintained (I’ve also got the Juju boosters; I’ve washed them many times and they look brand new!). I would recommend it!!!”

Anca D. Sabou 21/07/2017

“I love the fact that I can use it even at 2 – 3 months old, top quality materials, it’s practical and, on top of that, it looks great. I recommend it!”

Daniela D. 21/07/2017

“I read a lot about car seats before making up my mind! All the seats that cost no more than 100 – 150 euros have the same kind of material and features, the only difference is the way they look. Those that cost over 200 euros, have airbags… They’re good, but they’re too expensive. I decided to buy this one also because of all the other opinions – all positive – from those who already bought it! We are very pleased with it, our 11-month-old knows that’s his place in the car! The sleep position is good enough, the slider is very easy to use, the belts must both be held in place while being installed! Good luck!”

Cristina Bors 21/07/2017

“I’m really pleased with the choice I’ve made. I love the fact that it has an adjustable backrest, and the baby can sleep in it. We’ve made 1.000 km with our little girl in the car and she slept like an angel. I’d recommend it.”

Diana 21/07/2017

“It’s an excellent car seat. I highly recommend it. Long story short: I ordered, on the same website, a different child safety seat, for children that weigh 9 to 36 kg... We thought we’d use it forever. Unfortunately, we made a very bad choice. After a while, we discovered why the little one hated to be in it. He was sitting uncomfortably, no matter how I positioned him in it. This seat though, it has multiple reclining positions so the baby can sleep in it, it’s light, you can install it in seconds in the back seat, the baby sits in it comfortably.”

Deea 21/07/2017

“Great quality for this price and in general. It really does its job and the baby’s happy 🙂.”

Lucian Andrei 21/07/2017